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Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith operating in the greater Bryn Mawr, PA area, for the past several years. We provide high quality locksmithing services for residential as well as commercial needs. We install new locks, rekey old locks and also provide security advice upon request. Our team is well-trained and has worked a wide variety of locks, both mechanical and electronic, over the years. We can handle all kinds of locks, including cutting-edge electronic ones. We are also a 24-hour emergency locksmith you can contact at any hour of the day or night for locksmithing assistance. 

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store keeps our teams of locksmiths on standby 24 hours a day. We are a mobile locksmith service, capable of reaching all areas of Bryn Mawr within the hour. Our mobile vans carry all the equipment needed on a typical lock maintenance or repair job. We can repair and even replace most locks onsite. We can also help you create and duplicate most keys. Our team is very well trained and you can expect to have most keys duplicated in a matter of hours. 

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store believes in hiring the best when it comes to our team of locksmiths. All our locksmiths have years of industry experience under their belt. We also require them to attend seminars and educational workshops to help them hone their locksmithing skills and customer relationship skills to help them do their jobs better. Our team can also be consulted if you want advice on security solutions for your house or business. We can offer recommendations on the kind of security system you need to make your building as theft-proof as it can be. If you need something high-security as well as convenient, you can have a keyway system that can be operated with a set of master and sub master keys, for example. 

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store has built up a great reputation in the Bryn Mawr, PA area as the go-to local locksmith for all security woes or lock-related emergencies. We run a friendly, efficient and reliable service that is available to you at all times. We also believe in providing a value-for-money service. We have a very reasonable baseline service rate, and we will even offer your security recommendations for free. 

Emergency Locksmith

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store Bryn Mawr, PA 610-426-0138Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store is your best bet if you want a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Bryn Mawr, PA. If you’ve managed to get yourself locked out of your home, office or car, it can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you end up wasting a lot of time, it may happen to you at odd hours of the night, too – which can be scary. You can contact Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store for our 24-hour locksmith emergency service. We will come to your location within the hour.

We maintain a fleet of mobile locksmith vans that carry around with the all the tools of the trade. We can get through most locks in a matter of minutes. In addition to getting you in your property, we can duplicate lost or damaged keys or even help you unlock the trunk of your car in quick time. If you’ve left your keys locked in your car, we can help with that too. 

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store’s team of locksmiths are capable of handling all kinds of commercial and residential emergency needs. We also provide an eviction locksmith service in case you need the locks on your property changed after you’ve rented it out. Our emergency eviction locksmith service can work to replace your keys overnight. That way, you can have the property free to rent out the very next day.    

Bryn Mawr PA Locksmith Store does not charge above a reasonable base rate, no matter when you call us. We provide a fast, efficient service and our team is comprised of thorough professionals who are trained to handle emergency situations. 


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